Firstly thank you for choosing The Perfect Solution Property Services

Here are our terms and conditions: Please read these very carefully. I know they are a bit long but they are necessary. 


To gain access to the property we will either need you to meet us at the property, leave keys in a safe place usually the metrebox or if required we can collect and return keys from your agent but this will incur a $55 pick up and delivery fee. If you require this service notice well in advance is needed so we can arrange to collect keys the day before the bond clean takes place.

If you’re staying at the property the night before the clean and we agree on a start time, please be up and ready to leave with everything out of the house for us to promptly start at the agreed time. If we need to leave and come back $44/hr will be charged on top of the price paid for every hour we have to wait to start.


Please note that our quotes are base price quotes for standard bond cleans. If the property is not left in a standard condition then extra charges may apply.  Standard condition means no rubbish on the floors or in cupboards, no excessive marks, finger prints or foot prints on the walls, no excessive amounts of pet hair on walls, floors or window furnishings, no excessive mould in showers or bath tubs, no excessive soap scum on shower screens or shower walls, no excessive baked on grime in ovens or on cooktops. We can not guarantee that we can get the property back to the condition the property was in before you moved in if you do not leave the property in a clean and tidy condition for us to complete your bond clean. 

We also do not do part bond cleans, it is the whole clean or nothing. It can be messy when it comes to re-cleans so it is best if we just do the whole thing. If you start to do cleaning yourself we will either re-clean it so we know we’ve cleaned it to standard or if a part bond clean is then requested the job will canceled and the deposit will not be refunded.


In regards to curtain cleaning (if required). Our price is to clean them at the property. We will do our best to get them clean onsite, if we can’t we suggest taking them to Australian laundries,  if you have large heavy floor to ceiling curtains they will need to be done by a company that has the machine to do those if we can’t do them onsite. 


In regards to carpet cleaning (if required), unfortunately some stains and odours, urine and pet smells for example may need extra cleaning to try to remove which will incur an extra charge. Sadly some stains can not be removed, the same goes for odours. Having pets inside can be detrimental to carpets over time especially when it comes to odours. 


We also can’t guarantee that we can get oil stains out of garage floors. Concrete is very porous and is prone to soaking up oil etc and can be very hard to get back to the condition it was before you moved in. 

Cleaning of patios is only a basic hose, we do not remove any stains or scrub them.


Please do not turn off or disconnect any power or hot water supply before we have done the clean. Having power and hot water is essential for cleaning and we will not start the clean if there isn’t any on the premises.

Please do not spray any type of chemicals in showers or ovens. If we do not know beforehand that you have done so our chemicals can react with what you’ve sprayed and can be extremely harmful to staff.

Please do not take the air conditioning remotes off the premises until we’ve finished. We need to clean the air conditioning units including the air flow vents and we can not do so if we can not turn it on.


Please try to make sure the property is completely empty of all rubbish, belongings and furniture (if not a furnished property) including in the garage and on any patios before we start. If any areas are not completely empty by the time we are finished cleaning the property we will not be responsible for any callbacks to those areas if you end up needing to clean them yourself. 

If you are having pest control done with another company this needs to be done the day before or the day after. We will not be responsible for any dead bugs or foot prints on the floors if it is done once we are finished the clean.


We also do not remove sticky hooks, sticky tape, child proof locks, blue tac, glow in the dark stars, or any sticky residue left behind when you remove them yourself, wax from candles or anything along those lines that can cause damage to the paint or floor coverings with being removed, please ensure all of this is removed before the day of the clean. We can not guarantee that any type of chalking of the paint on the walls, doors or any other surfaces can be rectified during our cleaning process. Chalking of the paint is due to heat and uv degeneration and this can be beyond cleaning. Please read the following on the dulux paint website if you would like to know more. 


Your bond clean does not include ceilings, high fans, high air cons or high light covers, meaning if the ceiling is higher than 2.8 metres we won’t be able to reach them, anything lower than that is fine, we do not remove glass sliding windows to clean the other side of the window, we do not clean outside windows and screens if you need those done it will be an extra charge to do so from the outside, floor grout cleaning, floor tile scrubbing, outside walls, sheds, garden sheds or driveways.


Entering the property while we are cleaning makes the process harder so please make sure any repairs etc are done before we get there. Anyone entering the property other than the real estate to perform the vacate inspection after we have cleaned and/or making any type of mess, for example using the toilet/bathroom, dirtying the floor, finger prints on walls or windows or glass doors, to perform maintenance (this includes tradesman contracted by you or the real estate) or continuing to stay at the property will result in the guarantee being voided by you and you will be responsible for any callbacks from the real estate.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could ask your property manager if there will be any walk throughs for potential renters during the time of our clean. We ask this as during the cleaning process we tend to have chemicals sprayed on showers, ovens, toilets and other surfaces and also cleaning utensils around the place and it can pose a risk to the general public. If we know in advance that there will be people going through we can be prepared for their attendance.


Our guarantee is for 7 days after the clean is completed. If there are any cleaning issues you’re concerned with please let us know but it is best to wait for the real estate or landlord to provide their full exit condition report before we re-attend so we can attend to all issues at once. PLEASE NOTE. That the guarantee is that we’ll go back within 7 days to attempt to rectify any issues the real estate/landlord may have. Some things are beyond just cleaning. We DO NOT offer a guarantee that you will receive your bond back.


Full balance (after your non refundable 10% security booking fee has been paid) must be made the day before the clean at the latest. Preferred payment is by bank transfer. We do not have credit card facilities. We do not send invoices for payment to be paid from or to be paid for at a later date. Once proof of payment is received by screenshot or cleared payment into our account we will then issue the invoice by email. This is a security measure to hopefully ensure we receive payment as sadly we have had tenants use the invoice to get their bond back and never make payment to us. 


Please note that no call backs will be done until we have received full payment.  


Also please don’t get upset or mad if there is a callback/re clean list. Callbacks are not a bad thing and they do not mean we have not done our job properly or that your bond is at risk. Sometimes things get missed or they need a little extra cleaning to get them to where the property manager needs it to be. This is why we have a 7 day guarantee. We are more than happy to go back to re attend to any issues that may arise. 

By accepting our quote you are acknowledging that you have read these terms & conditions.

Once again thank you for Choosing The Perfect Solution Property Services